With variant types of subscription Inet offer its ADSL Service for both SOHO & enterprise users,

ADSL Flat Rate Prices :

Free period
Static Real IP
SMS Per month
Setup Fees
256  kbps 512  kbps 1 mbps 2  mbps 4  mbps 8  mbps
1400 1,700 2,300 3,400 6,000 11,000
S.P per month S.P per month S.P per month S.P per month S.P per month S.P per month
1 / Static Real IP 1 / Static Real IP 1 / Static Real IP
75 SMS 100 SMS 150 SMS 200 SMS 300 SMS
Administration Setup fees: Free
Setup Fees for STE: 2500 SP and this amount will be collect by STE themselves

The customer can order more real IPs with 500 S.P a month for each one.
The customer can freeze the services with 700 S.P a month, for only three months 

Payment Terms :

  1. INET offer a grace period starting from the activation date till the beginning of the next month.
  2. Monthly subscription will be starting from the 1st of each month.
  3. Anytime the subscriber can change his subscription category by submitting an official request to the ISP service center (change will take effect within 10 days from the request submitting day); speed downgrading applications are subject to a 500 SP fee.
  4. The monthly bill must be paid within the period of 25th till the end of each month.
  5. The ISP has the right to cancel any subscription for any user did not pay the monthly bill after 7th of the same month, a new subscription