Technical Support 24/7

iNet keen to provide his customers a professional technical support over 24/7/365 through the following methods:

  1. 24/7 Customer Care Call Center:
    Tel: +963-11-9914 (in Damascus) Our call center team receives customer calls in both Arabic and English Languages, and have the sufficient experience to solve the majority of problems that customer may face, especially that related to his account.

    Complicated problems or problems needs time to solve, our team can help by opening a Ticket which describes the problem and address it to responsible department; Then customer can follow up the Ticket through his account page in our website.
  2. Fax: +963-11-374-3191
  3. ISPCARE Ticketing System:
    Our Customers can always send and follow up any complaints about Financial, Technical & Official problems through their Account Page "My Account" in our website or by visiting the direct address
  4. E-Mail:
    Customers, Visitors of our website are welcomed to send us their complaints, suggestions, Inquiries through the next link which will sent an email directly to our Support team.

    "Feel free to send us your inquiry"

Feel free to send us your inquiry

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