Domain & Hosting Terms of service

Terms of Domain Registration & Hosting Services: 
In consideration of the hosting services to be delivered, the client agrees to be bound to the following terms: 

Domain Transferring:
iNET technical team will save no efforts to help with moving your domain and website to our hosting servers. Nevertheless, this help is considered as a courtesy service, so we cannot guaranty availability, compatibility and the time required to make the transfer resulting from the differences in setups and data saving types used by the hosting companies. 

Website Contents:
All the contents of our hosted websites are subject to the Syrian Laws and under the client's responsibility.
According to the law, all the following contents are prohibited: 

  • Contents that do not comply with morals.
  • Contents that contain any form of pornography.
  • Contents that are in conflict with Islamic and/or other religions doctrines.
  • Contents that are in conflict with local and international trade laws.
  • Contents that are in conflict with Syrian general policies.
  • Contents that penetrate the privacy of anyone or contents that are of a confidential nature.
  • Contents of political or racist type.
  • Contents that may lead to fraudulent services or products.
  • Contents that have viruses or malware or harmful files.
  • Any hacking software, activities or even links to websites containing the preceding kind of contents.
  • Any type of SPAM email.
  • Services or activities that may lead to server failure or cause decreases in performance.
  • Any contents that may cause harm or threat to certain persons or groups.
  • Any contents that are in conflict with the laws of media and intellectual property.

We shall not track any website data, but upon detecting any type of the above, we shall stop the website and all of its services, and cancel the subscription without prior notice and under no liability. Accordingly, the client is not entitled to claim any compensation or recovery of the amounts paid in advance.
The Client is directly held responsible for the contents of his/her website and iNET does not assume any responsibility for the loss of this data, knowing that iNET performs the backups once a week.

The client's e-mail address submitted upon registration is the official way for the delivery of all renewal notices, billing and technical notifications. We emphasize the need to enter the correct personal information including e-mail address, name & phone to avoid any interruption of services provided.
INET has the right to modify, add or remove any of the above mentioned items; the client is committed to the most recent copy of this agreement, which is posted on our website.

INET is committed to the client's confidentiality and privacy of data provided upon registration and undertakes not to publish or use or quote any part of it let alone not to leak it to any advertising party.