Direct Deposit in our Bank account

In order to simplify the billing is monthly offerings for customers, we have customers in agreement with several local banks so that could be paid your obligations, according to the following instructions:

  • Visit the bank branch of your favorite part of working hours between 9 am and the 3.30 pm from Sunday to Thurs
  • Request payment of the monthly bill for the provider listed below and by the bank, with the name of the subscription and phone number.
  • Please keep a notice of payment.

The receipt of notice of payment from the bank within 24 hours, so please pay day before the expiration of the payment of bills, in order not to break the service.

Bank name Bank Account number Account name website
Syrian Gulf Bank 27555/001 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
Arab Bank Syria 30100 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
International Bank for Trade and Finance 402464/001 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
Real-estate Bank 10237470 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
Commercial Bank of Syria 106/797596/001 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
Syria International Islamic Bank 201603 "Sharif and Fakir Co."
Bank Audi 148858 "Sharif and Fakir Co."


  • Please keep the bank receipt with the name the and phone number.
  • No need to have an account in the bank.